The choice of where to attend college should be a liberating rite of passage and an affirmation of a student’s dream for an interesting, rewarding life. For some, it’s that simple and the process is an uncomplicated series of decisions leading to enrollment.

For others it can be an exercise in nerve-wracking insecurity. Family expectations, continuous exposure to depersonalized college rankings and college admissions communications designed by focus group-driven marketing experts are ever present. There is advice from all corners. It’s no wonder some high school students want to hide under the covers and pretend it’s not happening.

The good news is there’s a life-changing college and university experience waiting for every type of student. From the supremely smart high achiever, to the solid A-/B- student, to the late bloomer, there’s a wealth of appropriate colleges to choose from. Berkshire College Advising works to match students to the right college by helping them engage in self-assessment, mastering the subtleties of the application/admission process, and making a choice based on the student’s own well thought-out priorities.

The goal is to return the college search process to what it should be: a positive, self-affirming exercise that leads to a transformational undergraduate experience.